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I am grabbing a bunch of html from a service and parsing it slightly. I am looking for a way to grab the link from the first image tag.

Something similar like this JQuery code:

var imagelink = $('img:first', feed.content).attr('src');

But of course using only Python/Django (server runs on Google app engine). I rather not use any other libraries, just to grab a simple link.

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You can use BeautifulSoup to do this:


It's a XML/HTML parser. So you pass in the raw html, and then you can search it for particular tags/attrs etc.

something like this should work:

tree = BeautifulSoup(raw_html)
img_link = (tree.find('img')[0]).attr['src']
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lxml.de/elementsoup.html –  John Mee Jun 1 '11 at 0:06
Good to know. Since its just for one link(src) I'm looking for a way without a library. Currently my python skills are not that great trying to search strings but currently learning... –  Zammbi Jun 1 '11 at 2:01
even though it's only for one link in the file, there is a lot of HTML to parse through. You can try use Regular Expressions to find the first instance of <a href=..> but you will probably find that the BeautifulSoup approach is easiest –  Timmy O'Mahony Jun 1 '11 at 2:24

This is exactly what I'm looking for. Actually, the real code is like this:

tree = BeautifulSoup(raw_html)
img_link = tree.find_all('img')[0].get('src')

Works great! thanks timmy-omahony

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If I do any more parsing of html I probably will look into one of the libraries suggested. But for now I have solved this by:

   startImgPos = post.find('<img', 0, len(post)) + 4
    if(startImgPos > -1):
        endImgPos = post.find('>', startImgPos, len(post))
        imageTag = post[startImgPos:endImgPos]
        startSrcPos = imageTag.find('src="', 0, len(post)) +5
        endSrcPos = imageTag.find('"', startSrcPos , len(post)) 
        linkTag = imageTag[startSrcPos:endSrcPos]
        r['linktag'] = linkTag

I'll improve this later, but for now it does the trick. Feel free to suggest any more ideas/improvements to the above code.

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