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An Administrator needs to run a report that details when a specific user signs in and out over a historical date range. The information is saved to a database.

I need to print this information. It will include his information (name, street, registration, etc) plus all of the sign in/out details.

What is the best way to print with a connection to sql server?

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asp.net or winforms? –  Chris Lively Jun 1 '11 at 1:52

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A very straightforward way of printing is to create either a Crystal Report (as you've tagged as such) or (my preference) a Microsoft Reporting Services Report, that takes the user ID as a parameter, and executes a stored procedure or a parameterized query to get it's data.

You can then either export or print, with either of these reporting APIs, without actually having to show the report on the screen.

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I disagree with the words "straightforward" and "Crystal Report" being used in the same sentence. However, +1 for the MSRS reference. –  Chris Lively Jun 1 '11 at 1:50
@Chris - straightforwardish, but yes, SSRS is much easier! –  Will A Jun 1 '11 at 1:51

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