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I wanted to code a java based 3D application which can be displayed on Nvidia 3D displays.I am aware that I would require the Nvidia 3D setup namely: 1. 120hz 3D monitor. 2. Shutter glassed 3. IR emitter etc 4. NVidia Quadro

But I wanted to know if Java3D is the languge of choice or would I be better using some game engines mentioned here: Free java 3d engine

I am primarily looking for ease of development and avoid any compatibility issue/bugs which may be encountered when using a particular language with nvidia 3D solutions.

If something like this has already done by someone, I would be very grateful if he could share his experience and tell me how did he/she coded the application(using which engine)

Also if there are any additional drivers/software required for such a process please do mention that as well.

Finally, I came across a Nvidia forum which said 3D can only be displayed on Nvidia screens in Full screen mode.

What would be an appropriate solution for this?

I am new to graphics/game programming and am doing it for my masters project. Please forgive me if my questions are lame:

Regards RS

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