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Have you worked on portable devices? (Palms, WinCE devices, cellulars, other embedded devices.) Which offered the best experience developing for it?

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Windows Mobile + .NET Compact Framework. The productivity gains are just amazing!

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I used to develop on Palm a couple years ago, and more recently .NET CF on Windows Mobile. The tools and framework for .NET CF are just so much better. –  Cheeso Mar 6 '09 at 17:52
Productivity gains over what? –  Ken Dec 3 '09 at 4:05

The Nokia N900 seems like a really cool portable device. It's totally open including the firmware. Programming is done via Qt ("cute") which is a pretty seasoned environment.

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I have the two-generations-older Nokia N800, and I love it. It's just a Debian framework, but in a handheld. You can program ON the machine: no need for a separate computer. (Though this isn't recommended.) –  Chip Uni Dec 3 '09 at 4:22

Mindstorms NXT, because you can program in like 5 languages, and your programs can be used to control like motors and stuff :) (not that i've had a chance to program on one, but it's more of a wish)

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The iPhone for sure :-)

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What is this iPhone you speak of, it sounds intriguing. –  Paul D. Waite Aug 19 '10 at 23:55


Its simple stack-based language was not only easy to use, but in practice writing a simple program was often as easy as typing << >>, just doing the thing you wanted to do, and pressing ENTER. That meant it was easy enough to use all the time -- no need for a special dev environment or PC. Of course, if you needed something fancy, you could write in assembler, or do dev work from your PC, or whatever. It scaled smoothly all the way from "I've got one hand free and need to add some numbers in a loop" all the way to "I want to port Doom". That's something I don't see at all in any other devices today. For example, the iPhone has a great user experience but the dev situation is completely "you are an Obj-C programmer sitting at a Mac, and you will write a great end-user app". You can't even distribute an app that Apple doesn't approve of (except in a very limited way), and they explicitly disallow writing something to let you write quick-n-dirty programs on the device itself.

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GBA and Nintendo DS. It's about as close to the hardware as you can get.

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PALM RULES.. palm palm palm The old palm was amazing.. You could write software for one and with almost no changes it would run on all of them. Their SDK was rock solid, well documented and never wrong. They would still have me as a loyal developer if they didn't drop the ball on the hardware side.

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The Android? I can ssh into my phone, and even use Perl on it.

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I've started to do some work on Windows Phone 7 and I've found it to be a much more approachable platform for someone coming from C# / .Net and wanting to develop mobile applications than the Iphone or Android.

I found it hard to get into Iphone development due to not really knowing Objective C and when I tried to learn I found that it wasnt as easy to do things in Obj-C and the iPhone SDK than it is in Visual Studio / c# / Windows Phone 7

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