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Is their a way to either code server side or client side to check new incoming replies to emails and register them in some way? I read upon using something called Reverse Ajax is this possibly the solution I should look into to code what I want.

Also another question is how do you keep track of email conversations? I took at a look at the hidden headers for emails sent and received and it seems that they carry a unique message id which could possibly be used to solve the problem I have.

Thanks :)

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Split that into two tasks:

  1. Checking for e-mails on the server
  2. Communication between client and server

For 1: messages have a Message-ID header and optionally a References and an In-Reply-To header that allow you to put together conversations. Note that you also have to keep track of sent messages for that to work (because a reply that you receive has the Message-ID of a message that you sent in the In-Reply-To header).

For 2: the umbrella term seems to be Comet

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Sounds like I was going in the right direction. Basically it looks like I can use Comet to keep track of certain conversations and prevent it from checking all my emails stored. Hopefully thats what I got from what I read. –  Novazero Jun 1 '11 at 5:55

Here solution for poping mail, keeping track of new ones, each message has unique id we can use that to track new one.

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