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Now a day i am doing a project related to image processing with the fallowing feature 1)Stretch 2)Scale 3)Twist I am not understand how to achieve it in android. Here i am putting some screen shot related to this project for makeing more clarity in my question.enter image description here

The above image is the real image i want to apply image processing over this image for making it like blow image. enter image description here

Please me any suggestion,help url ,tutorial and other thinks for achieve this task.

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You need to find a function which, when applied to pixel coordinates, outputs new pixel coordinates producing the twist effect you're looking for. It may help to take a look at some of the functions listed at http://reference.wolfram.com/mathematica/ref/ImageTransformation.html (esp. the section "Neat examples").

Once you have defined the function, you'd need to implement in Android the equivalent of the ImageTransformation command. Basically, for each pixel in the output image, call the function to know where to sample in the input image; use windowing when sampling the input image so that you limit artifacts and get a smoother result.

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