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I have a movieclip instance named 'placeholder' on the canvas, and I want to change the alpha of the named movieclip from it's class without effecting the alpha of all the movieclips of the same type. How would I specifically target the named movieclip instance that is on the canvas?

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Just use the script:

placeholder.alpha = someValue;
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From script? You could do:

var placeholderClip:MovieClip = getChildByName("placeholder") as MovieClip;

and then access the alpha property on the movie clip variable.

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Either on the timeline or within the class (if you've created on) of the parent / container for these MovieClips you could do:

placeholder.alpha = 0.5;

If they are placed straight onto the main timeline then you can do the same from the timeline your objects are placed on or within the document class.

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