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Can any one help me in finding the city name in the map when I give zipcode through iPhone application.

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How about using an IP address? – adam_0 Jun 1 '11 at 7:26

As Deepak suggested, a Geocoding API is almost certainly the way to go. Google and Yahoo both provide good ones that can convert zipcodes into city names.

Here's a sample Google query for zipcode:

And a sample Yahoo query for zipcode:

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I don't think there is any feature built-in that will help you find the city name like this. You can look at Geocoding options such a Google's Geocoding API but then you might need a bit more info than zip code.

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Created a little native tool that looks up city, state, and lat/long without using the network connection. Has a rather large (1.9MB) SQLite database to pull from, so don't include this if you can just query Google or another online API.

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