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I have an activity with a couple of fragments inside. I'm using Frame Layout for each of the fragment and have Relative Layout as parent.

I've been having headaches on getting the exact location of a fragment in parent. But seems like I am only able to relative values.

So, is there anyway to get an exact location of a fragment within an activity?

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Why would you need this information? Absolute positioning is to be avoided on Android. – CommonsWare Jun 1 '11 at 12:15
I'd like to use it with an Animator – Ye Myat Min Jun 4 '11 at 7:07

I haven't done this with Fragments but with the contents of fragments. If you use findById() on the activity that will find the id of anything inflated in that activity (including fragment contents etc).

You can then use something like View.getLocationOnScreen(int[]) this should give you the x and y of the View on screen. Never tried this on a fragment, but if you fragment is wrapped by a Layout then should be no problem.

Hope this helps?

Actually this might help, might need changing to take in two views as this method is inside a custom RelativeLayout I made:

 * Will return the X,Y of the Anchor view relative to this relative layout.. So It doesn't
 * matter if the anchor view is nested, or any any other layout, this WILL find its location
 * relative too this {@link HelpRelativeLayout}.
 * @author chris.jenkins
 * @param anchor
 * @return
private int[] calculateAnchorViewPosition(View anchor)
    int[] loc = new int[2];
    int[] conLoc = new int[2];
    // getLocationInWindow(conLoc);
    // anchor.getLocationInWindow(loc);

    // get correct top left pos + half the h/w of the anchor
    loc[0] = (loc[0] - conLoc[0]);
    loc[1] = (loc[1] - conLoc[1]);

    MyLog.d(loc[0] + " " + loc[1]);

    return loc;
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