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I'm beginig the development of Magento custom widgets, and I have create for my first Widget this custom options:

    <label>Text 1</label>

    <label>Text 2</label>

With this function I get My first text value

protected function _getText1() {
    $text1 = $this->getData('text1');
    if( trim( $text1 ) != "" ){
        return $text1;

I want to know how can I get all my options (text fields values) in only one function (with an array for example).

Thanks a lot :)

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as array

public function getTextValuesOfMyWidget(){
    $textValuesByKey = array();
    foreach($this->getData() as $key => $value){
        $textValuesByKey[$key] = $value->getYourValueField();
    return $textValuesByKey;


$this->getData(); // it already returns you all values as an array
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Thanks a lot ;) –  Bizboss Jun 1 '11 at 11:56

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