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We are using the Ant Zip task, which is a bit obsolete (low processing speed for big files).

Can anyone point me to a mature Ant task, ready for production use, that supports multithreaded compression/decompression?

First of all I wish to increase speed of processing archive files.

I found 7ZIP Ant task, but it looks abandoned, and it doesn't support multithreaded.

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Why not use the exec task with the command line version of 7zip?

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Two points here: - I wish to decrease dependence from external software (i.e. need to have installed archivator) - It will be nice to have cross-platform solution – FoxyBOA Mar 6 '09 at 18:37

Zip/Jar tasks work well because Java (hence ant) have support for them built in (not sure about the tar support). Built in-support would require 7zip written in Java or at least included in some ant task. It is very easy to write Ant taks. Write you own and shell out to a 7zip/pbzip/etc. If you're REALLY enterprising, give this a shot ... a LZMA library from 7zip w/ Java support

7-zip downloads, CLI versions too

To decrease external dependencies, just bundle a version of the cli compression tool you want to use.

I believe many of the executables (7zip specifically) have cli versions for multiple platform.

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