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temp = Users.where("posts.comments.id"=>"4de5fdc71d41c824b200005c")

Here 'Users' is the model mongo mapper document

And Posts,Comments are mongo mapper embedded document.

Its like

Users -> Posts -> Comments

Comments embedded document has four fields. Which are id, message, created_at, updated_at

I just need to get that particular comment data in to a ruby variable.

temp = Users.where("posts.comments.id"=>"4de5fdc71d41c824b200005c")

When I am doing this i am getting the outer document Users

I just need only the particular Comments data

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1 Answer

You need $slice:

              {posts.comments:{$slice: 1}}) // first matched comment

But i am not sure if it work with two level arrays(user->posts->comments) embedding.

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