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I have 2 images already, one for StumbleUpon and one for Delicious. Now I want to link it with the necessary script, I have spend a couple of hours now, and can't find the necessary good links.

I only find the ready made scripts, which include their own images etc. To give you an example of what I mean, the site I am working on is this one: http://www.icephoenix.co . I already have those images, I only want to call the script which bookmarks it etc.

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The links as you've shown there shouldn't really use an <img> tag - you should be setting the icon image as a background to the <a> element with CSS. Here's an example: http://jsfiddle.net/H5V3m/

It should be very simple to attach the ready-made scripts to the <a> element. Why don't you post a link to those scripts so we can take a look?

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The answer below contains the code which I was looking for. Once found it was ok, but for a moment I was looking everywhere and didn't find what I need. Once I changed my search query a little bit, everything came into place. –  Ryan S Jun 3 '11 at 23:11
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This is the Delicious code which was needed:

http://www.delicious.com/save" onclick="window.open('http://www.delicious.com/save?v=5&noui&jump=close&url='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'&title='+encodeURIComponent(document.title), 'delicious','toolbar=no,width=550,height=550'); return false;

This is the Stumble Upon Code:


PS. Replace the {} with the relevant url and title.

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