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Ran into an interesting problem with a MySQL table I was building as a temporary table for reporting purposes.

I found that if I didn't specify a storage engine, the DROP TEMPORARY TABLE command would hang for up to half a second.

If I defined my table as ENGINE = MEMORY this short hang would disappear.

As I have a solution to this problem (using MEMORY tables), my question is why would a temporary table take a long time to drop? Do they not use the MEMORY engine by default? It's not even a very big table, a couple of hundred rows with my current test data.

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Temporary tables, by default, will be created where ever the mysql configuration tells it to, typically /tmp or somewhere else on a disk. You can set this location (and even multiple locations) to a RAM disk location such as /dev/shm.

Hope this helps!

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Just seems odd that just deleting a file (which is all a DROP TABLE really does) would cause a half second of unresponsiveness. –  GordonM Jun 1 '11 at 14:02

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