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I am implementing a database so I have coded like...

   string MyConString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["College_Management_System.Properties.Settings.cmsConnectionString"].ConnectionString;
            MySqlConnection connection = new MySqlConnection(MyConString);
            MySqlCommand command = connection.CreateCommand();
            MySqlDataReader Reader;
            command.CommandText = "select * from menu_right";
            Reader = command.ExecuteReader();
            while (Reader.Read())
                if (Reader[2].ToString() == Convert.ToString(0))
                    treeView1.Nodes.Add(Reader[3].ToString(), Reader[1].ToString());

                if (Reader[2].ToString() == Convert.ToString(1))
                    treeView1.Nodes[0].Nodes.Add(Reader[3].ToString(), Reader[1].ToString());

                if (Reader[2].ToString() == Convert.ToString(4))
                    treeView1.Nodes[1].Nodes.Add(Reader[3].ToString(), Reader[1].ToString());

                if (Reader[2].ToString() == Convert.ToString(18))
                    treeView1.Nodes[1].Nodes[0].Nodes.Add(Reader[3].ToString(), Reader[1].ToString());

but it throw an error,

Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: index


treeView1.Nodes[1].Nodes[0].Nodes.Add(Reader[3].ToString(), Reader[1].ToString());

what is the problem in my code.?.

Is any other way to simplify code for my requirement?

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Your error comes from the fact that the records with parent_id == 18 get read before the record with parent_id == 4. Your treeView1.Nodes[1].Node[0] has not yet been added at the time you call it.

You could possibly avoid this situation with something like 'order by parent_id' to ensure that the records will come back in the order you're expecting them, however this code will still be difficult to maintain as it is already difficult to read/understand.

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Oh thank you very much!. –  Sagotharan Jun 2 '11 at 4:09

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