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I am getting the following error in a TFS 2010 build:

The work item '59' could not be updated: 'TF237086: The work item cannot be saved because at least one field contains a value that is not allowed.'

Work item 59 is a basic task I created to associate with my changeset on check-in. I have done no customization to the "task" work item. I get no errors when opening the task up and changing values manually. There is nothing in the build log that gives any clues as to what field is causing the problem.

How can I troubleshoot this issue?

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Something I would do in this case:

  1. Check the build service account, there's a high chance that when the work item is associated, its ChangedBy field is updated with this account and the value is not valid. Somebody in MSDN forum suggested checking the list of valid TFS users for a work item (you can open a bug and try typing the name in the AssignedTo field) and see if this account is in that list.

  2. Try a checkin by yourself with the same associated task and see what fields are updated (you should be able to see this in the History tab), from there you can figure out the possible fields, and hopefully can guess the one that is in trouble.

If none of this works, I can get some more details and try to repro it on my machine. We'll need to improve error message to specify which fields that are invalid.

Hope this helps.

[Update] The cause was indeed that the build service account (NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM) did not have permissions to modify work items. All my attempts to fix this by editing group memberships failed, but I did get the build working without errors by using an unused project contributor's account as the build service account. Changing build service account may require the old build workspaces to be renamed or reassigned.

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I'm using the TFS 2010 HyperV provided on Brian Keller's blog, and have created a new project. I've tried to replicate the permissions that TailSpin toys has, so the "Project Collection Build Service Account" group is a member of the "Contributors" group on the new project. In the valid AssignedTo fields, I can see LOCAL SERVICE, NETWORK SERVICE and TFSREPORTS, but no SYSTEM which I think is the build service account. On TailSpin, LOCAL SERVICE and SYSTEM are in the list but not the other two. Do you know how I go about fixing this? –  Mark Heath Jun 1 '11 at 14:37
Mark - Can you change the build service account to LOCAL SERVICE or NETWORK SERVICE? I'm not very familiar with this stuff, I can dig further but not at the moment. –  Duat Le Jun 1 '11 at 22:34
It's interesting that I also use TFS2010 and got this error instead: TF42097: A work item could not be created due to a field error. The following fields have incorrect values: Field: 'Changed By' Value: 'SYSTEM', Field: 'Activated By' Value: 'SYSTEM'. So you'll probably need to switch the build service account there. I'll dig in further soon. –  Duat Le Jun 2 '11 at 14:30
thanks, I'll hopefully get a chance to change build service account soon, and will report back with my findings –  Mark Heath Jun 2 '11 at 14:44
I forgot, but you probably can also do tf workspace /newowner to change the onwer: –  Duat Le Jun 3 '11 at 12:53

After changing the build service account, I got a new error

The working folder xxxx is already in use by the workspace 1_1_SSSSSSSS;NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM on computer SSSSSSSSS.

The solution to that issue is to use the TF utility to delete the workspace(s) associated with the SYSTEM build account. I had to copy the TF utility from my Laptop over to our server to run it.

See TFS Build Service Account change causes Build Failures - “Working Folder in use” Failures

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Got the error on a long running build system where the user accounts had not changed. found the WORKSPACE ID in the build log ran

tf.exe workspaces /owner:*

to confirm the workspace was on the build server and then ran

tf.exe workspace /delete 9_1_BUILDSERVER;OURDOMAIN\TFSBuild

to delete it, queued another build and no further problem.

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