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hi i am using zend form , i created a

Zend_Form_Element_Radio element

that have two options

yes , no

in my form it shows vartically ,one button below the other . i want to add them horizontally .

this is my radio button code

    $radio = new Zend_Form_Element_Radio('yes');
    $radio-> setLabel('Are you booking for someone else ?');
                                            array('helper' => 'formRadio')
                                            array('class' => 'label')

can i view them horizontally ?? please help ?

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Did a quick search, maybe this post will help?

Display Zend_Form_Element_Radio on one line

From the old answer:

You need to call the setSeparator method on the Zend_Form_Element_Radio object, passing it ''.

Good luck!

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