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I'm trying to style a column in my DataGrid so it would fit 100% to the width of screen.

I bind data to my grid with:

        DataTable dt = new LoadGenres().Load(strFullPathToMyFile).Tables[0];
        genreGrid.DataSource = dt;

LoadGenres uses the XML below to create a dataset:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<genre>Top 500</genre>

That works fine but on screen I get the image below:

alt text

How can I get columns to fit the width of the grid?


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got it with

DataTable myTable = new DataTable();
        myTable = new LoadGenres().Load(strFullPathToMyFile).Tables[0];
        genreGrid.DataSource = myTable;
        DataGridTableStyle tableStyle = new DataGridTableStyle();
        tableStyle.MappingName = myTable.TableName.ToString();
        DataGridTextBoxColumn tbcName = new DataGridTextBoxColumn();
        tbcName.Width = Screen.PrimaryScreen.WorkingArea.Width;
        tbcName.MappingName = myTable.Columns[0].ColumnName.ToString();
        //tbcName.HeaderText = myTable.Columns[0].ColumnName.ToString();
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