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If i have to check a 'xyz' text present in header of the web page & the 'xyz' is present in body of the page.on the use of this will return true ,which is not correct..


Same question for link presence check.


Please suggest me what is the best way to verify the text/link on the page through selenium.

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You can use XPath to narrow down your search. For e.g. if you have XML like

        <TextNode>Hello World</TextNode>
        <A href=""">Google</A>

        <TextNode>Hello World</TextNode>
        <A href=""">Google</A>

To check if text Hello World is present in the <Header> you can use selenium.isElementPresent("//Header/TextNode[.='Hello World']");


To check if text Hello World is present in the <Body> you can use selenium.isElementPresent("//Body/TextNode[.='Hello World']");

Similarly goes for Anchor (<A>) for <A> in <Header> selenium.isElementPresent("//Header/A[.='Google']");


for <A> in <Body> selenium.isElementPresent("//Body/A[.='Google']");

Hope this helps

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So Vaman, the xpath is the best way to locate any element. is there any formula to get/create xpath of any web element ? In the same manner any trick, formula or tool to get CSS and DOM locator. Thanks again. – smriti Jun 1 '11 at 12:52
There are tools available that gives you the XPath of an element. But note that they give absolute XPath. As a programmer you need relative XPaths which are not provided by any tool as far as I know. There is a nice tutorial on XPaths here which will help you understand XPaths more deeply. – Vaman Kulkarni Jun 1 '11 at 14:27

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