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I am currently designing a big website a priori based on a PostgreSQL database.

I have nearly ended the Entity Relationship Model and I am thinking about the way to develop (or have it develop) the whole thing (Java, PHP, other).

First I thought about a CMS to do the job. But this is a very specific (and big) project, and it would be better if I developed it entirely instead of trying to bow any CMS into my need.

  1. Can I develop a website with any framework using my own ERM ?
  2. Are there preconfigured ERMs with those frameworks (eventually for future projects) ?
  3. I am thinking of CakePHP or Ruby on Rails. Would you encourage me into these directions ?

The website I am currently designing is supposed to be consulted by more than 1 000 000 times a day. As a consequence, I need scalability and strongness.

Thanks a lot by advance.

EDIT : I am thinking of taking Symfony. Can I do the same thing with this very framework ?

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You can easily implement any ERM in eZ Publish + Zeta Components + eZ Find (Solr) search engine. And you get the rest of the functionality you'll need for 'free'. Highly scalable architecture. OSS license. http://share.ez.no/download-develop/downloads

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Thank you. Do you know whether this is the same thing with Symfony ? –  Le Barde Jun 3 '11 at 6:44
No it is not the same. You'd need to do a lot more coding. –  user212102 Jun 4 '11 at 11:25
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I finally ended by making my ERM, and I work with Symfony2, which is a good Framework for my needs.

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