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Possible Duplicate:
iPhone development on Windows

I am a beginner in iPhone application development.Is there any way to develop iPhone applications on Windows..please tell about free SDK kit which is compatible in windows

Can i use visual studio to develop iPhone applications in windows..? Is there any added patch which will make it work.

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For developing apps for iOS, you NEED to have a machine running on Mac OS.

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Xcode must be used to develop for the iOS (iPod touch, iPads and iPhones). XCode is the only platform for which the iPhone SDK is available, and Mac OS X is the only platform that allows XCode.

if you are planning on making say a game, you can use a multi-client engine like Unity3d or something similar, develop your app on windows, and test it live inside the engine. Although, you will still need a mac the day you wish to publish for the AppStore.

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To develop an iPhone/iPad application you need to have just two thing.

  1. Mac OS on your PC.

  2. XCode (3.0,4.0) as IDC with latest iOS SDK.

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Alternatively you can also try PhoneGap or Titanium appcelerator for developing iPhone application and also both these technologies are not based in objective C. Maybe you can just have a look.

Titanium Appcelerator


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Is it possible to use Titanium Accelerator to develop iPhone application in windows...does i need to install anything else – deepu Jun 1 '11 at 12:31

You can purchase VMWare and get a Mac disk image for it which will run like a regular VM under Windows. However, as you can imagine, emulators like this run excruciatingly slowly and I honestly wouldn't recommend it.

You can get a second-hand Mac Mini for a couple of hundred pounds on eBay or brand new from Apple for the £600 mark. (again, less on other auction sites or classified ad sites)

Hope this helps.

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