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I'm using paperclip in rails 3 and I want to ensure that my application doesn't allow the user to upload large images.

I can test for the file's existence and mime type of an image using a fixture like so:

it "is not valid without an image" do
  @post.image = nil
  @post.should_not be_valid

it "is not valid with the wrong file extension" do
  @post.image = File.new(Rails.root + 'spec/fixtures/images/rails.bmp')
  @post.should_not be_valid

These tests work just fine. But I don't want to use a large binary file in my fixture for testing. I don't want to have a 6Mb file in my code base for testing purposes.

How can I mock up the image somehow or create an image file during the test rather than use a fixture? Should I bother testing this at all?

Many thanks...

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You can use imagemagick if you have it installed

`convert -size 1x1 xc:white empty.jpg`

will create a 1x1 blank jpeg.

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