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I'm using the Windows Forms WebBrowser control, and getting it to display a document that I create on the fly and set using the DocumentText property. The document that I create references a script file in the same directory as my executable. Trouble is, when the WebBrowser control displays the page, the scripts aren't enabled.

Now I know that IE7 introduced a new security feature that impacted on this scenario. I remember having to do something about setting a FEATURE_BLOCK_LMZ_SCRIPT key somewhere in the registry under the IE Key, but I can't figure out exactly where. Does anybody have instructions for this.

Even better, is there a way of enabling my Scenario without changing the registry? I don't really want to have to supply an installer with my executable.

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Please check the Mark of the Web.
You will need to mark your "page". Just after the html tag, put in:

<!-- saved from url=(0020) -->

0020 is the length of the following url (including /)

This make sure the page you are viewing will be run in the internet security zone, thus, unless set otherwise, have script enabled.

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