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I know the ideal thing to do would be to fill the login form and follow that flow. The thing is that I am not using devise for login in. I do login in my application the user after authenticating with Facebook and fb_graph gem.

So the devise sign_in view only has the link "connect with Facebook", but I am able to see that route, and I assume that will try to sign_in a user if a post is made to that url.

I tried doing a post to the sign_in (which view is empty) directly with cucumber, and even though the response is ok, the user is not logged in.

Given /^I am a logged in user$/ do
  @user = Factory(:user)
  res = post("/users/sign_in", :email => @user.email, :password => "password")
  p res

How can I test this?



The scenario looks like this:

Scenario: Going to the index page
  Given I am a logged in user
  And there is a subject created
  And there is 1 person for that subject
  When I go to that subject persons index page
  And show me the page
  Then I should see "Back to Subjects list"
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Instead of doing that, which I am not proud of I ended up doing the following:

Application controller

before_filter :authenticate_user!, :except => [:login]

# This action is supposed to only be accessed in the test environment.
# This is for being able of running the cucumber tests.
def login
  @user = User.find(params[:id])
  current_user = @user
  render :text => "user logged in"


# This is for being able of testing the application with cucumber. Since we are not using devise defaults login
match 'login/:id' => 'application#login', :as => 'login', :via => [:get] if Rails.env.test?

User Steps

Given /^I am a logged in (student|employee)+ user$/ do |role|
  @user = @that = Factory(:user, :role => role, :name => "#{role} User Name")
  Given("that user is logged in")

Given /^that user is logged in$/ do
  Given("I go to that users login page")


when /that users login page/
  login_path(@that || @user)

This Way in my scenarios I only have to type:

Given I am a logged in student user

And the rest is just normal cucumber...

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I have to say that this is some nasty monkey patch I came up with.

Added this to my application_controller.

if Rails.env.test?
  prepend_before_filter :stub_current_user
  # UGLY MONKEY PATCH. we need a current user here.
  def stub_current_user
    unless user_signed_in?
      @user = Factory(:user)
      current_user = @user

Remember I do not have sign_in form in my application, and I am using devise. I will, maybe later, try to look for a better approach, but for now, this let me have things done.

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