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Hi I'm having troubles with a problem in chrome. I think it might be a bug but I can't find much info on it. Basically I want to apply border radius on an image. The border-radius will be 50% forming a circle. The reason I've set it as a % is because i wont explicity know the width/hieghtt of the image.

Any ideas why chrome doesn't display the border correclty? I haven't tested in FF < 4. but FF4 works well as does IE for a change

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What are you trying to do? Do you want a circle to appear behind the image? That is what I see in FF. In Chrome, the circle is clipping the edges of the image.

According to the spec -- http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-background/#corner-clipping -- content is supposed to be truncated.

The content of replaced elements is always trimmed to the content edge curve.

Which, to me, means that Chrome is following the spec correctly on this.

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Webkit doesn't currently clip corners of images. Remove the src tag from the image and you'll see that the border is being rounded correctly.

One workaround is you could set the background-image property in css: http://jsfiddle.net/tEzwJ/

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Thanks for this. I did know of the background-image as a solution, but didn't really want to go down this route. But it might be the only solution. Its an odd choice for webkit not to clip images – ivordesign Jun 1 '11 at 15:26
I'd file it as a webkit bug, since even if you have <div class="rounded-corners"><img src="..."/></div> the containing image isn't even clipped! This page provides some more useful examples as well: bradclicks.com/cssplay/BorderImageAndRadius.html – scurker Jun 1 '11 at 19:28
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I figured out a way around it, by adding the border and the border-radius onto the parent . I then applied the border radius to the image too. Although there is a minute gap It works in chrome now. I haven't tested it in FF3.6. But FF4 displays the same result

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I was just about to write this answer . – J.Tural Feb 7 at 9:55

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