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I have found a dozens of threads about getting the name of the controller and method based on the url, I managed that just as well. Can I get the MethodInfo of the method based on their name automatically from the MVC engine, or do I have to do Type.GetType("Namespace.Controllers."+cname+"Controller").GetMethod(mname)? Which is not so nice, since how do I know the namespace in a framework class? How do I know if the default naming patterns are being observed, or is there a different config in use?
I want to get a "What Would MVC execute?" kind of result....
Is it possible?

EDIT: further info:
I have a framework which uses translatable, data-driven urls, and has a custom url rewriting in place. Now it works perfectly when I want to show the url of a news object, I just write @Url.Content("~/"+@Model.Link), and it displays "SomeNewsCategory/SomeNews" instead of "News/29" in the url, without the need to change the RouteTable.Routes dynamically. However in turn there is a problem when I try to write RedirectToAction("SomeStaticPage","Contact"); into a controller. For that, I need to register a static link in db, have it target "/SomeStaticPage/Contact", and then write Redirect("~/"+DB.Load(linkid).Link); and that's just not nice, when I have 30 of these IDs. The web programmer guy in the team started registering "fake urls", which looked like this:

public class FakeURL
public string Controller;
public string Action;
public int LinkID;

and then he used it like Redirect(GetFakeUrl("controller","action")); which did the trick, but still was not nice. Now it got me thinking, if I apply a [Link(linkid)] attribute to each statically linked method, then override the RedirectToAction method in the base controller, and when he writes ReturnToAction("action","controller"), I'll actually look up the attribute, load the url, etc. But I'm yet to find a way to get the methodInfo based on the names of the controller and the action, or their url.

EDIT: I've written the reflection by myself, the only thing missing is getting my application's assembly from inside a razor helper, because the CallingAssembly is the dinamically compiled assembly of the .cshtml, not my WebApplication. Can I somehow get that?

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At what point do you want to do that? Where is your code running? –  SLaks Jun 1 '11 at 14:22
@SLaks: I specified some more :) –  TDaver Jun 1 '11 at 14:33
Look at the MVC source that was released in 2008: weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2008/03/21/…. That's exactly what it does - uses reflection and looks for the controller and action based on the route. –  Milimetric Jun 1 '11 at 14:38
okay then, please point me to the method where the MVC does this, I'll do the reflectoring... –  TDaver Jun 1 '11 at 14:47

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To answer your edit, you can write typeof(SomeType).Assembly, where SomeType is any type defined in code in the project (eg, MvcApplication, or any model or controller)

Also, you can write ControllerContext.Controller.GetType() (or ViewContext) to get the controller type of the current request EDIT That's not what you're trying to do.

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I found out that it was totally wrong approach. I tried to find the type of the controller based on the name, when instead I had the type all along.

So instead of @Url.Action("SomeAction","SomeController") I'll use @Url.MyAction((SomeController c)=>c.SomeAction()), so I won't even have to find the controller.

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