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I want to parse a date in this format '11h04 31/05/2011' and other arbitrary formats using datejs, I tried:

Date.parseExact("11h04 31/05/2011", "HH'h'mm dd/MM/yyyy")


Date.parseExact("11h04 31/05/2011", "HH\hmm dd/MM/yyyy")

without success. Does anyone knows the exact format/specification of parseExact or how to parse this (and others) arbitrary formats?

In java i would do this:

SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("HH'h'mm dd/MM/yyyy");

P.S.: yeah, I know I can use a regex to split the string and then parse, but I want to know how to parse it with parseExact.

Thanks in advance.

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Looking at the date.js source, I don't see that it makes any attempt to understand "escapes" or literals in the format specifiers. – Pointy Jun 1 '11 at 14:46

Does anyone knows the exact format/specification of parseExact

Here is a link to the date.js format specifiers used by date.js and parseExact

I can't find any way to trick the parseExact method into thinking the formatString doesn't contain a literal h between HH and mm. Tried \u0068, \0x68, no luck.

I think your best bet is

var date = "11h04 31/05/2011";
Date.parseExact(date.replace("h",""),"HHmm dd/MM/yyyy")
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