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I am trying to write a unit test for an action method which calls the Controller.RedirectToReferrer() method,

but am getting a "No referrer available" message.

How can I isolate and mock this method?

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Have you thought about creating a test double?

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That might help, so will a mock, I assume. The problem is that the PrepareController() method used in Monorail controller unit tests already creates a stub, and the Response object is immutable and has no setter. Any other ideas? (Typemock isn't an option ATM) –  Omer Rauchwerger Sep 23 '08 at 11:44

This question was answered on the castle forums: http://forum.castleproject.org/viewtopic.php?p=13743

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In my version of the trunk I'm working against, r5299, I had to do this to mock out RedirectToReferrer. I think it's been changed in recent commits, I'm not sure.

public class LoginControllerTests : GenericBaseControllerTest<LoginController>
    private string referrer = "http://www.example.org";
    protected override IMockRequest BuildRequest()
        var request = new StubRequest(Cookies);
        request.UrlReferrer = referrer;

        return request;

    protected override IMockResponse BuildResponse(UrlInfo info)
        var response = new StubResponse(info,
                                        new DefaultUrlBuilder(),
                                        new StubServerUtility(),
                                        new RouteMatch(),
        return response;

etc. etc.

It's oddly the Response that you need to molest to get the RedirectToReferrer to work. I had to crawl around in the monorail sources to figure it out.


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