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I have the following text as a simple case:

abc xxx 123 456
wer xxx 345 678676

what I need to move a block of text xxx to another location:

abc 123 xxx 456
wer 345 xxx 678676

I think I use visual mode to block a column of text, what are the other commands to move the block to another location?

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You should use blockwise visual mode (Ctrl+v). Then d to delete block, p or P to paste block.

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  1. In VIM, press Ctrl+V to go in Visual Block mode
  2. Select the required columns with your arrow keys and press x to cut them in the buffer.
  3. Move cursor to row 1 column 9 and press P (thats capital P) in command mode.
  4. Press Ctrl+Shift+b to get in and out of it. (source)
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Try the link below:


Marking text (visual mode)
v - start visual mode, mark lines, then do command (such as y-yank)
V - start Linewise visual mode
o - move to other end of marked area
Ctrl+v - start visual block mode
O - move to Other corner of block
aw - mark a word
ab - a () block (with braces)
aB - a {} block (with brackets)
ib - inner () block
iB - inner {} block
Esc - exit visual mode
Visual commands
> - shift right
< - shift left
y - yank (copy) marked text
d - delete marked text
~ - switch case
Cut and Paste
yy - yank (copy) a line
2yy - yank 2 lines
yw - yank word
y$ - yank to end of line
p - put (paste) the clipboard after cursor
P - put (paste) before cursor
dd - delete (cut) a line
dw - delete (cut) the current word
x - delete (cut) current character

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