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Let's say I have the following snippet:

snippet divt
    <div id="${1:div_id}">
        ${2:'some text'}

So when I type divt and hit tab twice "'some text'" should be selected, and when I hit tab once more I would like "some text" to be selected (witoutht single quotes). How can I do it?

Edit 1: Thanks for your answers. Probably this example makes more sense:

snippet divt
    <div ${1:id="${2:div_id}"}>

Sometimes I want a div without an id, so i need to be able to delete the id="div_id" altogether. Sometimes i'd like to have an id, so that i can change div_id part only.

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I suggest you create two snippets divt and divtq – Benoit Jun 1 '11 at 15:30
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I am currently on a promoting trip for UltiSnips which I am maintaning. The snippet that does precisely that looks like this for UltiSnips:

snippet divt "div" b
<div ${1:id="${2:div_id}"}>

UltiSnips also comes with a converter script for snipMate snippets, so switching should be painless.

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Thanks for the reply. I have found out about UltiSnips recently. It's great. – user126284 Jul 27 '11 at 6:09

SnipMate unfortunately doesn't support nested placeholders but, as per @Benoit's advice, you could use another snippet while editing the second placeholder. Be sure to bring a spinning top with you, though.

I'm not sure what you want to achieve with some text vs 'some text' — both being treated exactly the same way in this context by every html parser on earth — but I would achieve that with a simple

snippet div
    <div id="${1:div_id}">

and simply typing either

some text



which would be expanded to (| is the caret)


thanks to delimitMate or any other similar plugin then

'some text'

Or maybe use surround to change

some text|


'some text'

by typing


With Surround you can also start with

some text

select it with


or something similar and type


to add the quotes then select the line with


and type

S<div id="div_id">

to obtain

<div id="div_id">
    'some text'

or do it the other way or... someone has to write a blog post with ALL the possible ways to achieve a given task in Vim.

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