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I am trying to run the stress test included with Cassandra. When I attempt to run ./ I get the following output:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/multiprocessing/", line 232, in _bootstrap
  File "./", line 238, in run
    self.cclient.batch_mutate(cfmap, consistency)
  File "/opt/cassandra/apache-cassandra-0.7.6-2-src/contrib/py_stress/cassandra/", line 784, in batch_mutate
  File "/opt/cassandra/apache-cassandra-0.7.6-2-src/contrib/py_stress/cassandra/", line 808, in recv_batch_mutate
    raise result.ue
UnavailableException: UnavailableException()
Process Inserter-49:

Any thoughts? Thanks

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UnavailableException means too many nodes are down. Use "nodetool ring" to find out which.

Also: unless you're customizing, the java stress tool is significantly faster. (With python you need roughly 1:1 client machines to cassandra machines to fully saturate it; with java it's more like 1:5.)

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Thanks for the tip about the Java stress tool, I had completely overlooked it! – Hoofamon Jun 8 '11 at 0:56

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