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I need to write a program that gets the current wallpaper of an android device and save it to the images folder.

The problem is that I cannot find any information on how to convert the Drawable to a JPEG/PNG

This is my code: currentWallpaper = getWallpaper();

How do I convert this Drawable into a JPEG/PNG file?

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As previously mentioned here, take a look at This discusses basically rendering your Drawable on a Canvas backed by a bitmap. You can then save the Bitmap to file using Bitmap.compress.

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Don't use getWallpaper() as it is deprecated.

Use WallpaperManager#getDrawable() instead:

WallpaperManager wpm = WallpaperManager.getInstance();
Drawable d = wpm.getDrawable ();
Bitmap bitmap = ((BitmapDrawable)d).getBitmap();
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