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Fact: if I manually add a link to my page's wall, that link will show up in the news feed of any Liker's of my page. Example: user Joe likes Sam, who is the admin of soccer-page, posts a link to the wall of soccer-page, Joe sees that link show up in his news feed.

Question: using .NET or jQuery, how can I programmatically add a link to a page's wall, such that once it's added, the link will show up in all the Likers' news feeds? In the case of the example above, let's say I have a task that runs once a day that grabs the latest soccer-related article from an RSS feed. I want that task to post it for me to the soccer page's wall.

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Look at this article

I found;

EDIT: And i found better one Post stories to your facebook wall from web app

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this is great info, thanks! question: do you know how I can get the api key & secret that belongs to the page? remember: I am wanting to publish to a facebook page, not a facebook app. Thanks! – Ian Davis Jun 1 '11 at 17:48
Dear Ian, only i found this web app, maybe there is a facebook page process like this, actually i don't know.. – Soner Gönül Jun 1 '11 at 17:53

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