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I created WebService Endpoint using jax-ws. I would like to connect it call it from php client. Php client is not big deal, wrote with SoapClient class. Everything works fine when im using RPC style. @SOAPBinding(style = Style.RPC, use=Use.LITERAL)

But my goal is to use Document style and when i'll change method signature to @SOAPBinding(style = Style.DOCUMENT, use=Use.LITERAL)

im not receiving any input parameters. Web Service is called properly but params all params are null. Im wondering if this is problem of PHP client or bad configuration on JAX-WS endpoint. I as using this (http://www.mkyong.com/webservices/jax-ws/jax-ws-hello-world-example-document-style/) tutorial to make JAX-WS enpoint. To be honest not much thing to make something wrong, so i think it can be something with php.

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Create a simple client in Java, use some ide functionalities or command line wsinport, to generate the client, if it will work correctly than the problem is with the client.

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I think we found solution, and it was with namespaces. im sorry for disturbing, but we were a bit crazy with these errors. best regards. –  vooxel Jun 15 '11 at 11:39

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