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For debugging purposes it would be great to be able to see just what you are getting back from the map method. Is this possible in ruby?

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To do this in the Mongo shell, you can define you own debug version of the emit() function to print trace information.

function emit(k, v) {
    print("  k:" + k + " v:" + tojson(v));

Check out Troubleshooting MapReduce in the MongoDB docs for more info.

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I know the Mongo documentation recommends defining your own emit function, but I find it easier to instead use print() directly in my map- and reduce-functions while I watch Mongo's log.

Just put any print()'s in your code, run tail -f /var/log/mongodb/mongodb.log, then run your code. You should see the print()'s output to the console.

Here's a few of the benefits:

  • Ability to debug the reduce() function – defining your own emit() doesn't help here
  • No need to define the emit() function every time you fire up the mongo console
  • Write your code in your editor instead of going back and forth between console and IDE
  • Ability to do code generation and variable interpolation in your native language
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