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In jQuery, how can I build a selector for tags h1, h2, h3 and p inside #con?

Like $('#con h1, #con h2, #con h3, #con p') but without repeating the #con

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You can do any of the following:

$("#con h1, #con h2, #con h3, #con p")   // your original

$("h1, h2, h3, p", $("#con"))            // pass jQuery object in as context

$("h1, h2, h3, p", "#con")               // pass selector in as context

$("#con").find("h1, h2, h3, p")          // do what jQuery ultimately does 
                                         // in the end when passing context
                                         // as jQuery or as string selector

I've created a nice little jsFiddle that demos all of this.

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Thank you very much Scott! Very useful –  Victor P Jun 1 '11 at 23:48
No problem at all! =D –  Code Maverick Jun 2 '11 at 1:45

$('h1, h2, h3, ...', $('#con')) would work. This sets the context to be #con and searches for h1, h2, etc. inside of the context (#con).

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