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For my current routing, the following ruby on rails code:

<%= link_to current_user.name, users_path(current_user) %>

which produces a link like the following:

<a href="/users.1">name</a>

In turn, Ruby on Rails has a hard time understanding this as it expects the 1 to be the format:

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in UsersController#show 
  Couldn't find User without an ID


Which doesn't exactly make sense for Rails to route it like that, since it much rather should be /users/1. Trying this by hand, however, gives the following result:

Routing Error
  No route matches "/users/1"

Having the ID entered per hand with an ?id= param, such as /users?id=1, works fine.

The issue is, I don't understand where the users.id comes from, nor how to fix - my routing file looks like

routes::Application.routes.draw do
  get "register" => "users#new", :as => "register"
  get "login" => "sessions#new", :as => "login"
  post "login" => "sessions#create", :as => "do_login"
  get "logout" => "sessions#destroy", :as => "logout"

  resource :users

  root :to => "pages#welcome"

All actions but the one mentioned above work fine, though I'd like to find out why. rake routes lays it out like the following:

     users POST   /users(.:format)      {:action=>"create", :controller=>"users"}
 new_users GET    /users/new(.:format)  {:action=>"new", :controller=>"users"}
edit_users GET    /users/edit(.:format) {:action=>"edit", :controller=>"users"}
           GET    /users(.:format)      {:action=>"show", :controller=>"users"}
           PUT    /users(.:format)      {:action=>"update", :controller=>"users"}
           DELETE /users(.:format)      {:action=>"destroy", :controller=>"users"}

The issue here seems to be that users#show seems to have taken the place of users#index, which would be the correct thing to do for /users. Since this is all pretty much default routing with no custom routes in terms of the issue on hand, I'm quite clueless here. Any ideas?

Edit: The users#show code is as simple as:

class UsersController < ApplicationController
  def show
    @user = User.find(params[:id])
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You probably want your route to use resources :users, not resource :users.

Also, change your link_to to use user_path instead of users_path:

<%= link_to current_user.name, user_path(current_user) %>
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Thanks a lot, fixed it. –  mabako Jun 1 '11 at 18:54

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