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How can I enforce constraint checks to ensure that a given combination of values are unique, but can be entered any number of times?

Example: I have two columns: Group_ID and Group_Name. So all data with Group_ID = 1 will always have Group_Name as 'Test1'. What I want to prevent is someone entering 'Test2' into Group_Name where Group_ID=1. This should fail the insert. All this data is loaded directly into the DB without any UI, hence I cannot enforce these checks in application. So what I need is:

A unique constraint over multiple columns, but only for the given combination without checking how many times they have been entered.

Is there anything built in Mysql to do this?

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You should normalize your table a little bit. The group_id,group_name pair should be in a separate table that defines your groups and then the table you're working with should only have group_id. Then you could add a foreign key from your table to the group table to ensure that your group_id values reference real groups.

If you can't normalize your tables then you'll probably have to use a before insert and before update trigger to ensure that Group_ID and Group_Name always come together as required.

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