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I'm trying to perform a calculation that looks to me like it has to be in the view so far.

In the view I have

<% for post in @user.posts %>
    <%= post.tasks.count / @projects.tasks.count  %>
<% end %>

I'm trying to display the a percentage.... When I place <%= post.tasks.count %> by itself it displays 2 and <%= @projects.tasks.count %> it displays 4.

But when I try to do <%= post.tasks.count / @projects.tasks.count %> it displays 0 not .50 or 1/2.

The reason I'm performing this logic in the view and not the controller is that I would like to display the dynamic percentage for each iteration of the for loop

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The reason you're getting zero is that both numbers are integers, so it's doing integer division. If you convert the first to a float, then you'll get a float as the result.

If you want to format the number as a percentage, you'll also want to use the number_to_percentage helper as well. So your view code would look something like this:

<%= number_to_percentage( post.tasks.count.to_f / @projects.tasks.count ) %>

And would produce the output 50% in your view. You can also specify the precision and some formatting options to that helper, if you need to customize it further.

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Integer arithmetic produces integer results. Try:

<%= post.tasks.count.to_f / @projects.tasks.count  %>

To get control of display precision and the like you might want something like:

<%= "%4.2f" % (post.tasks.count.to_f / @projects.tasks.count) %>
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