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When I follow all the instructions (including apple's video) to drag text to create a code snippet in xcode 402, I get a different system behavior: all I see is the selection ibeam... I can't drag. It just ends up selecting text again. Am i missing some obvious Apple-ism? Thanks

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Yes, I ran into the same problem, and Apple-ism seems to be a good term for this issue :)

It works this way:

  • Select (or highlight) the code your want to turn into a snippet
  • Click and hold (do not drag!) on any part of the selected text for a short moment
  • The mouse cursor will change icon
  • Now you can drag the code over the snippets library, where a green + icon will appear.

Thanks to pragmaticstudio for this!




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This is the correct answer! –  亚历山大 May 4 at 8:45

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