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I setup a basic test page which displays the same image from three sources: origin server, s3 server and cloudfront server:

Then I run tests using from various locations. Unfortunately image that should be hosted in closest edge server is donwloaded from Amazon's Seattle server all the time.

I'm seeing the correct image and test result says that CDN usage is OK so I couldn't figure out how I can make the edge locations work.

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Is there something new on this topic? We have the same problem. All the requests are handled by the american datacenter. I would expect that files requested by a european visitor would be delivered from london or frankfurt. Just posted on amazon forum. Maybe we get infos from the support team. Thanks in advance for your feedback. – user844225 Jul 14 '11 at 9:30

This is likely explain here:

In short, the online tools are probably using the geoip lookup and relying on the whois information (which is showing where the HQ of the company is, rather than the physical location of where the IPs are being used).

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