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My C++ project uses googletest to produce XML results in the JUnit format for Jenkins. This is working well for pass/fail results and test durations.

Some of my tests measure code performance and assert that this exceeds some threshold. I would like to extend this to charting the performance data over successive builds. I use the googletest RecordProperty method to log additional information in the XML:

<testcase name="MyTest" status="run" time="3.964" classname="MyTestSuite" PerformanceData="131" />

How can I configure Jenkins or one of its plugins to chart PerformanceData (or an equivalent record) across successive builds?

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You could try the Plot Plugin to plot the performance numbers.

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Thanks - I originally mistook your suggestion for the Measurement Plots plugin that I had already tried without success. This one looks better. –  PhilMY Jun 14 '12 at 8:32

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