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I am making an app for the iPad/iphone and I want to have a star that tinkles every now and then and/or a rocket that shoots up randomly . What would be the best way to do that? Someone told me to use SVG and another told me that GIFs would be just fine.

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SVG isn't going to work unless you are displaying the content in a UIWebView, you can either build the views using drawing code and perform the animations with core animation or use images, the first being far more efficient. Check out Apple's Core Animation Guide for more information.

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UIImageView has a property animationImages which can be an array of UIImages. That'll certainly be lighter than a web view!

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UIView animations are pretty elegant, though if you're code-phobic they're probably not for you. Don't let the affine transformation stuff scare you, it's simpler than it looks.

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