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Ive been having a hard time using the "submit handler" part of the jquery validate function.

My code for that is as follows ($ms for a noconflict call):

    submitHandler: function(a2) {

but I keep seeing in firebug that "a2.submit is not a function"

Here is how I call the form, if it matters.

<form id="billingForm" name="billingForm" method="post" action="joinSEM2.asp"> 
stuff stuff stuff

the first three steps are executed, but the form does not submit. Ive tried using the .submit and .post functions instead, but I cant get them to work in conjunction with validate. Any suggestions? something Obvious I am doing wrong? I have used this before with no problem, so i dont know why this is happening... Thank you so much.

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In this case try: $("#billingForm").submit();

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