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I have a Rails application that is being deployed to JBoss under a subfolder (application context root). My ajax requests work correctly when I run under development environment or when I make a GET request to the 'new' action. When I submit my form and do a 'render' back to the 'new' action after save fails (errors found), the ajax call refers back to the root and does not include the subfolder/context root. I apologize upfront as its hard to articulate exactly what I'm needing and the current behavior.

What I am looking for is the ajax request url to go to following.

On dev system with no subfolder (GET / and after render):


On JBOSS with subfolder (GET):


AFTER RENDER (WRONG) <-- Need to change to be like ajax url in GET



  $.post('../ach/routing_number_search', {
      bank_id: idField.val(),
      authenticity_token: $("input:[name=authenticity_token]").val(),
      utf8: $("input:[name=utf8]").val()
  }, function(data){
  }, "json");

Rails Controller

def create

if @entry.errors.empty?
  flash[:notice] = 'Entry Successfully Submitted.'
  redirect_to(:action => 'new')
  session[:entry] = @entry
  render(:action => 'new')


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Note - the unexpected behavior ONLY occurs after the form as been submitted. –  Jared Knipp Jun 2 '11 at 15:09
It looks like what is happening is that when form submits to the create action (POST) the HTTP Refer is changed localhost:3000/ach resulting in the change in the ajax call –  Jared Knipp Jun 2 '11 at 16:56
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