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Getting the size of a file in Java

I found the following links.

1) The best way to get the file size which greater than 2GB in php?

2) java get file size efficiently

but I would like to consult you guys on how to do it in Java. The second one has a limitation that's why I think it is not appropriate to answer my question.

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What limitation is there in the second post? Why is it not appropriate to your question? –  Ted Hopp Jun 2 '11 at 0:44
can you tell why java.io.File.length() has a limitation and why is the first link even here that solely focused on php –  ratchet freak Jun 2 '11 at 0:48

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To quote @JeffFoster and @jsight on the other question you linked to:

Measure it first - is it really slow for you in your particular circumstances? No point going off on a wild goose chase if it's not causing a problem!


Getting the file length will require a system call no matter how you do it. It may be slow if its over a network or some other very slow filesystem. There is no faster way to get it than File.length(), and the definition of "slow" here just means don't call it unecessarily.

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Just look at your second link,

java get file size efficiently

The checked answer seems to show you everything you are asking. Unless I'm missing something.

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File.length() is perfectly fine and faster than using either FileChannel or URL. The test in the accepted answer of java get file size efficiently actually shows this but the interpretation of the test results in this answer is wrong (I just added a comment there).

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Maybe you're wondering how one may get the size of a file which is larger than 2GBs, given that the maximum value for an int is 2^32?

Well, did you know that java.io.File.length() returns a long - not an int? That is, it returns a 64-bit integer, not a 32-bit one


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