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Can the 'Back' browser functionality be invoked from a Rails 'Back' link?

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In Rails 3 and earlier:

link_to_function "Back", "history.back()"

In Rails 4, this method has been removed. See Andreas's comment.

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Be aware that link_to_function is depreciated in Rails 4.1. More info: stackoverflow.com/questions/14324919/… –  Andreas Oct 27 '13 at 11:08
Thanks, great point. –  Ben Alpert Oct 28 '13 at 0:31
enjoy a undefined method 'link_to_function' for #<#<Class if you still give this a try in Rails 4.1+ –  Jay Killeen May 1 at 4:09


<%= link_to 'Back', :back %>

This is specificied in the RDoc here

This generates some Javascript to navigate backward. I've just tested it, and it works.

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It doesn't work 'exactly' like a Back button. All the inputted form data is cleared. –  alamodey Mar 7 '09 at 1:04
Beautiful stuff! –  adrianmann Mar 31 at 15:22

You can use link_to("Hello", :back) to generate <a href="javascript:history.back()">Hello</a>.

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Using link_to_function "Back", "history.back()" seems to be exactly like hitting the back button in the browser. All inputted form data is still there when you get back..

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In Rails 4.2 I got it to work using

<a href="javascript:history.back()">Refine Search</a>

Stole it off of @cpm's answer except that link_to("Refine Search", :back) didn't do the job I wanted but pasting in the

<a href="javascript:history.back()">Refine Search</a> did it perfectly

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This will work similarly as browser back button try this

<%= link_to 'Back', 'javascript:history.go(-1);' %>

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