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let's say you're passing an object to a function

{title:"my title", data:"corresponding data"}

how can I get the function to know what the names of the items/sub-objects are (title and data) without specifying them?

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You can use a for loop as follows:

for (var key:String in obj) {
    var value:String = obj[key];
    trace(key + ": " + value);

Or use the introspection API.

The Flex 3 Help page on Performing Object Introspection has a good overview of these.

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Why was this down-voted as well..? –  Marty Jun 2 '11 at 4:13
+1 this was a good answer and shouldn't have been downed –  The_asMan Jun 2 '11 at 17:17

You can use a for(String in Object) loop like so:

var i:String;
for(i in object)
    var key:String = i;
    var value:Object = object[i];

    // do stuff with key/value

PS it would make more sense obviously to use key in the loop, my example is done for the sake of demonstration.

Why was this downvoted.. Because I didn't do a function?

function findKeys(obj:Object):Array
    var ar:Array = [];

    var i:String;
    for(i in obj)

    return ar;

var ob:Object = {things:"value", other:5};

trace(findKeys(ob)); // other,things
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