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I created a custom rating bar as explained by kozyr and it works great when I have my rating bar set to the exact dimensions of my full and empty drawables (40dp x40dp) but when I attempt to set the size to something smaller the images are not scaled, they are simply cropped.

Is it possible to scale my rating bar without scaling my actual assets?

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I've had the same problem as you, since i want my application to run on various different screen resolutions, i want the rating bar to automatically scale according to my needs.

It actually wasn't difficult to create an own class "MyRatingBar" that did exactly what i needed, all the input it requires is:

  • a drawable resource int for a "checked" star
  • a drawable resource int for an "unChecked" star
  • the number of stars you want
  • the width you want your rating bar to be
  • the height you want your rating bar to be

    public class MyRatingBar extends RelativeLayout implements OnClickListener {
    private int bitmapChecked;
    private int bitmapUnChecked;
    private byte rating;
    public MyRatingBar(Context context, int bitmapChecked, int bitmapUnChecked, int numSelectors, int ratingBarWidth, int ratingBarHeight) {
    this.bitmapChecked = bitmapChecked;
    this.bitmapUnChecked = bitmapUnChecked;
    int selectorWidth = ratingBarWidth / numSelectors;
    this.rating = -1;
    for (byte i = 0; i < numSelectors; i++) {
        ImageView newSelector = new ImageView(context);
        newSelector.setLayoutParams(new RelativeLayout.LayoutParams(selectorWidth, ratingBarHeight));
        ((RelativeLayout.LayoutParams) newSelector.getLayoutParams()).setMargins(selectorWidth * i, 0, 0, 0);
    public byte getRating() {
        return this.rating;
    public void setRating(byte rating) {
    this.rating = rating;
    for (int currentChildIndex = 0; currentChildIndex < this.getChildCount(); currentChildIndex++) {
        ImageView currentChild = (ImageView) this.getChildAt(currentChildIndex);
        if (currentChildIndex < rating) {
        else {
    public void onClick(View clickedView) {
    for (byte currentChildIndex = 0; currentChildIndex < this.getChildCount(); currentChildIndex++) {
        if (this.getChildAt(currentChildIndex).equals(clickedView)) {
            this.setRating((byte) (currentChildIndex + 1));
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