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I used rvm upgrading to 1.9.2-p180. during the installation, libyaml 0.1.3 was fetched and installed.

Now when I have my database.yml in a rails project like this:

defaults: &defaults
  adapter: mysql
  encoding: UTF-8
  username: root
  host: localhost
  engine: InnoDB

  <<: *defaults
  database: my_app_test

in console,


The result is:

{"test" => {"apapter" => "mysql"...}}

The problem is the "database" key is missing. it seems not to merge the defaults node and test node togther, rather it just copy the default node.

any idea?

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You've probably got the same problem as stackoverflow.com/questions/6140493/… –  Andrew Grimm Jun 2 '11 at 6:44

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Anyway, upgrade to ruby-p290 solved the issue.

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If I understand you correctly, I can't duplicate that, also using

irb(main):002:0> YAML::load_file('./test.yml')
=> {"defaults"=>{"adapter"=>"mysql", "encoding"=>"UTF-8", "username"=>"root", "password"=>nil, "host"=>"localhost", "engine"=>"InnoDB"}, "test"=>{"adapter"=>"mysql", "encoding"=>"UTF-8", "username"=>"root", "password"=>nil, "host"=>"localhost", "engine"=>"InnoDB", "database"=>"my_app_test"}}

(Scroll right to see: "database"=>"my_app_test"}} )

Not sure if this is an answer as such, but I couldn't put the code in a comment. If I have the wrong end of the stick I'll edit or delete...

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Don't know why it works for you, man. Maybe you used syck. This is a known problem in p180 –  yiwen Sep 14 '11 at 13:32

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